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Ho usato per anni dei cubetti di plastica che contenevano acqua: questi raffreddano allo stesso modo, ma sono più carini e facilmente lavabili. Non mi è chiaro che cosa si aspettassero altri recensori, ma questi sono esattamente la stessa cosa di quelli di plastica: cubetti di acciaio che contengono acqua ed etanolo. Non raffreddano quanto il ghiaccio perché il ghiaccio una volta sciolto aggiunge un certo volume di acqua a 0°C, quindi non solo toglie calore dal liquido da raffreddare, ma ne aggiunge altro il più freddo possibile. Ovviamente quest'ultimo effetto questi cubetti non ce l'hanno, ma è il loro vantaggio: non diluiscono la bevanda.<br>Idealmente forse questi cubetti potevano avere una parete di acciaio più sottile, per lasciare più spazio all'acqua, e forse si poteva evitare l'etanolo che "raffredda meno" quando si scioglie, ma probabilmente c'erano delle buone ragioni per farli in questo modo.<br>A scanso di equivoci, rispetto ai cubetti di pietra o ai cubetti di solo inox questi sono su di un altro pianeta
Order shipped quickly, quality matches. I expected the worst, but I am glad that I was wrong. Fine corkscrew works fine. Made with quality, opens the bottle easily. how much will keep the charge see. The fact that this corkscrew is not on batteries, but I consider it to be a great plus. The set includes: a charger with a cable, a foil knife, a cork and a cork pump. Very happy with the purchase. I advise everyone.
Exactly the same knife sharpener our family has been using for about two years. Sharpens knives excellently, the best result we failed to achieve not on the same sharpener. including electric. With the process of sharpening easily and efficiently cope even a woman. To purchase definitely recommend, a great thing!
The quality of materials is excellent.<br>Workmanship is excellent<br>Two-layer metal case<br>Case included<br>Volume 500 ml<br>Modern design<br>Value for money
I bought the tool a year ago and I need to say it is great! I crack eggs using this device and I cannot complain. Yolk and eggwhite go strickly to a bowl and an eggshell stays in the cracker.
Крутые силиконовые подставки от известного бренда Zanmini ! Гибкие,удобные,красивые,можно мыть в посудомойке !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are just brilliant I have ordered TWO TIMES. Everyone came to my house love my cup mats. Really nice for summer. Non slip and easy clean. Cool knickknack.
Big bottle ideal for tea or warm drink for children to school. In the summer it will keep cooler fluids for a long time.<br>With practical packaging.
Good scales, worth the price.<br>checked it and it worked great.<br>will recommend it to my friends who want good scales for good price
A good quality product. The product corresponds qualitatively to the description. The delivery was pretty fast, in term.
Use them on my marble counter. Grey is amazing, simple and perfect. I once posted on my ins and got all likes from my friends.
I am a juice lover and these are the best partner of my juice! Also nice for Soda water and beer! Must buy! Yellow-green!
It's really amazing high quality and great price it's just don't but many times on the dishwasher
Order the orange coaster, they are perfect to use on our outside table. Bright and fun.
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It amazes me that you can get such a great product for such a low price !!
cavatappi di ottimo materiale, con cavo x ricarica USB, nella confezione presenti anche alcuni accessori x le bottiglie di vino.
pretty good for the price and there are plenty <br>It didnt take too much time to arrive