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what people are saying
the sensor is working ok but it has 2 major problems.<br><br>1) if you are outside of the appartment and enter the appartment, or the other way arround, the time you need to open the door enter or exit the appartment and close the door is too short for the sensor to wake up from sleep and give 2 alarms (1 for the door open state and the second alarm for the door closed state)<br>so what happens is when you open the door the sensor wakes up and when you close the door it gives you an alarm with the message door closed without noticing that the door opened first.<br>so you cant set automations when the door opens. in order to get the door open alarm you need to keep the door open for more time.<br><br>the second problem is that most of the times when you open and close the door, it will give you an alarm but after 5-10 minutes passes while the door is closed it will give you a flase alarm saying that the door was closed again.<br>which again prevents you yo use this sensor for automations as it gives false alarms 5-10 minutes after you close the door.<br>im attaching a photo to show you the false alarms check the red circles with the comments.
Cette console portable abordable fonctionne sur batterie, et peut se recharger par USB comme le serait un smartphone.<br><br>L'appareil est fonctionnel. La qualité de l'écran est suffisante pour afficher des jeux rétro. Le volume sonore peut être réglé. Il sera ainsi possible de mettre la console en sourdine si le son horripilant de certains jeux vous donnent envie d'enfoncer des aiguilles a tricoter dans vos conduits auditifs. Le son semble cependant fidèle aux standards 8bits des jeux rétro.<br><br>La jouabilité est acceptable. On aura cependant quelques difficultés si plusieurs touches doivent être actionnées en même temps. <br><br>Les jeux fournis incluent quelques grandes titres incontournables de la NES. En revanche une grande majorité sont inconnus au bataillon et ne sont jamais sorti sur le marché officiel. NE COMPTEZ PAS RETROUVER TOUS LES HITS NES/GAMEBOY. De plus certains jeux semblent apparaître plusieurs fois dans le menu de sélection des 400 jeux. <br><br>Il est impossible de sauvegarder. Le confort de jeu est très éloigné de celui qu'offrirait un bon émulateur. <br><br>Franchement pas top mais fun si vous n'avez rien d'autre sous la main.
Покупал по распродаже из телеграмм канала @chinagoodbuy <br> t.me/chinagoodbuy Круто! Хорошая точилка, брал маме на кухню, чтоб если ножи затупились, можно было подточить быстренько! Удобная, подтачивает ножи, не идеально точит, но вполне не плохо! <br>Для моих целей подходит. Видео тут - https://youtu.be/3vKw6y7F8Us<br><br>Bought on sale from telegrams channel @chinagoodbuy<br> t.me/chinagoodbuy Cool! A good sharpener, took my mom to the kitchen, so that if the knives were blunt, you could quickly sharpen! Comfortable, undermines knives, not perfect sharpens, but not quite bad!<br>For my purposes suitable. The video here is https://youtu.be/3vKw6y7F8Us
klady - výborná cena - v akcii<br> - je to masívny výrobok<br> - veľa nástavcov<br> - led svetlo - ako núdzové svetlo<br> - kvalita ocele OK<br> <br>negatívne - tažký 280g<br> - mechanizmus nástrojov nie je celkom presný<br>ja som spokojný za tú cenu Ok<br><br>pros - excellent price - in action<br>            - It's a massive product<br>            - many extensions<br>            - LED light - as an emergency light<br>            - steel quality OK<br>          <br>negative - heavy 280g<br>                   - the mechanism of the instruments is not entirely accurate<br>I'm happy for the price Ok
Купил потому что потребовался резервный шнур для зарядки смартфона. <br>Плюсы - выглядит хорошо. На ощупь приятный. Цена - немаловажный фактор. Заряжает, передача данных через шнур работает. <br>Минусы - быстрой зарядки нет. ЮСБ - 3.0 нет (даже разъем не синего цвета и контактов меньше чем нужно). <br>Быстрая зарядка мне не нужна (ушатывает батарейку), скорость передачи данных ограничивается самим смартфоном и тоже неважна, в смысле совсем. <br>Мне понравился, цвет кстати тоже. Работает уже небольшой, но срок.
Confezione (rigida) perfetta, contiene istruzioni (in inglese) base per ricarica USB e orologio (leggerissimo, con - in questo caso - cinturino bi-color nero-arancio). Setting rapido ed intuitivo, si abbina facilmente alla APP "wearfit" (si scarica in un attimo da Play Store). Ottima vestibilità, rilevamenti fedeli, notifiche immediate e grafica di buonissima qualità. Durata batteria come da descrizioni (10 gg circa). I limiti: disponibili solo 2 watch faces, manca il GPS (si può abbinare in APP quello del cell.). Per chi si approccia al genere é comunque un orologio da comprare senza riserve, in quanto il rapporto qualità prezzo é ottimo
I was a little skeptical of this gun, but it turns out to be pretty precise at feeding the tin right at the tip. The long guiding tube straightens out the tin wire and delivers small increments as the trigger is pushed gently. I could not find a release button, so the wire only goes one way from right to left. I didn't have dedicated tin roll, but it worked without a roll. I will have to buy one from GearBest, I saw they sell rolls as well.
Dit is een USB-C kabel van uitstekende kwaliteit, namelijk geweven nylon omhulsel dat uw kabel langdurige bescherming biedt. Niet alleen hoge snelheid data overdracht, maar tevens geschikt voor hoge ampère doorvoerstromen. De prijs-kwaliteit is opnieuw top.<br>Dit is een Gocomma merkproduct dat ik uiteraard graag opnieuw van harte aanbeveel. Bovendien een zeer vlugge verzending van Gearbest gehad: 14 kalenderdagen en ze waren ter plaatse, top dus!
Egy ötletes kis gumiharanggal még kulcstartónak is használható. (még kulcskarikát is kapunk hozzá). Emellett egy körömnyi 2 nyelvű használati útmutatót amihez egy nagyobb mikroszkóp szükséges. operációs rendszertől függetlenül (van iOS is) a ZaZaRemote (android alatt pontosan a Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote) applikációval vezérelhetjük. A bemutató videó alapján hasonló a választéka mint a Mi Remote controller - for TV, STB, AC and more-nek. Aki kíváncsi, android alatt kipróbálhat még több tucat app-ot akár TV márkák alapján is.
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use and it seems to be made to last! 6-level adjustable LED brightness optimizes images and video for close-up viewing of real-time and live video. A hard pea sized piece of wax was washed out of my ear after following the easy directions and some persistance! Simple and effective, much better than digging around blindly in your ear. Very happy with this product!
dobrý držiak na mobil. má dlhšie rameno - mobil je lepšie viditeľný pre cyklistu<br>v balení je všetko potrebné - nalepovacia guma, na hrubú aj tenkú rúru + kľúč<br>za túto cenu 5€ super<br><br>good cell phone holder. has a longer arm - the mobile is better visible to the cyclist<br>the package contains everything you need - adhesive rubber, thick and thin tube + key<br>for this price 5 € super
I just received my package today, I tested out the GPS by selecting an outdoor run activity, and drove a few miles. The GPS was spot on with mileage. If I could give this 10 stars, I would. The watch is lightweight and comfortable and I personally think it looks nice, the clear display is also addicted to me. My ultimate goal for this watch was for outdoor running. Hopefully this review will help others who are seeking a watch that is inexpensive and is practical for outdoor runners.
Very good and simple 1 meter long USB Type C Cable for charging electronic devices or data transfer.<br>Full functional for a good price and easy to handle, not too long, not too short.<br><br>● Cable type: Creative braided cover Type-C USB cable<br>●Function: Support data sync and charge, maximum 2.4A charging current<br>●Material: Zinc alloy shell connector, oxygen resistance <br>●Rope: Nylon braided line, pull resistant and anti-winding, durable <br>●Length:1m
My granddaughter loves this camera. It became the item she played with the most Christmas day. The camera is small, child-size, with a rubber feel to make it easy to hold and shock resistant. She liked the colorful pink. The camera was fun to use as she enjoyed putting people and things in the various scenes, a hat on the dog, big teeth on her sister, and various poses in the selfie mode. She had a great time taking pictures with the various scenes and backgrounds.
I have purchased two of these Gocomma wireless chargers. I have one next to my desk and home and one in my office at work. They are perfect. They make a slight sound to let you know the phone has made contact, the phone charges fast and I can still look at it and check my next meeting or email while it's charging, at this time, the charger can be used as as phone holder. It just does its job quietly and quickly. <br>I plan to buy another to give as a gift next time.
Great product. Needed something easy to pack nothing heavy and to bulky to carry with me on my hikes or mtb rides. Product very well made , light is bright enough for my use. Really happy with this product and definitely will recommend this product to anyone who is looking for compact light easy to carry camping outdoor flashlight lantern
its really perfect and valuable battery. I have bought it as a replace battery for my Alfawise FJ-116A vacuum cleaner. Its really original one battery, came full charged so you can use it immediately. Cost was really low - 9euro in flash sale. Huge satisfaction and recommended.
mám nový mobil xiaomi mi 8 lite - nemá 3,5 konektor. Cez tento kábel sa dá počúvať hudba aj nabíjať mobil. Všetko funguje dobre. Kvalita zvuku OK.<br><br>I have a new cellphone xiaomi mi 8 lite - it doesn't have a 3.5 plug. Through this cable you can listen to music and charge your mobile. Everything works fine. Sound Quality OK.
The instant hot water faucet is exactly as described and pictured.<br>It has a EU two pin plug.<br>I cut the plug off in order to fit a North American plug onto the 220 volt unit.<br>Our 220 vac plugs are different.<br>It does heat the water very quickly.<br>DO NOT turn on the faucet with out the water in the unit.<br>Run some water through the unit then plug it in.<br>This will avoid the possibility of destroying the heating element in the Faucet.
I love it. These things are great! They are really robust and provide a single point of management that allows good reporting functions. These access points have been excellent. I can use one of these to cover several rooms - Long Range is the way to go. The price is very reasonable. Don't waste money and time with repeaters, use this instead.
I get used to running after my work.Then my running partner Tim suggested me this device. ‘This device works great, you can buy one. I had doubts about it, worried about the quality, whether the heart rate date and step data accurate or not,but have been extremely pleased! It can record my heart rate at any time and I can read my step and calorie data after my running.
1. works with 4 different codes<br>2. Nice red keys<br>3. useful keychain<br>4. can copy others 315MHz rc<br>5. instructions inside<br>6. works on 315MHz <br>7. Excellent product and very small<br>8. Comes with Battery inside<br>9. very low price -- VFM<br>10. Recommend it<br>cons : None so far
Good day, the goods arrived at the set date, the packaging was in order, the goods were not damaged<br>the headphones have a nice color, the controls work like me, the design is great and even the magnet is fine on them, they do not have absolutely beautiful and clean sound, but it is not possible to wait for the money from hearing aids, music
This great charger as it supports multiple charging protocols. QC3.0 checked on my phone, and it works as expected. Huawei Super Fast charge works fine on P10 Plus, just need special cable for this. You cannot have both at the full power at same time, but that is expected. But ordinary Android charging with 5V2A works well on both ports at the same time.<br>So very recommended item, I am super happy with it
Dobrej jakości kabel ładujący zadeklarowanym prądem.Wygląda bardzo solidnie.Przy tak długim kablu ładowanie nim nie nastręcza problemów w trakcie korzystania z telefonu.Polecam.<br><br>Good quality charging cable with declared current. It looks very solid. With such a long cable, charging it does not cause problems while using the phone. I recommend.
Оригинальный мешок,довольно плотный.Застежки верхней нет.Закрывается методом скручивания и фиксации на карабины.В комплекте водонепроницаемый чехол и ремешок.Любителям путешествий и рыбалки рекомендуется.
The welding tool or the very modern welding machine which you can weld anything by tin solder Recommend all people to buy this product the most wonderful Gocomma Manual Tin-feeding Soldering Gun - Yellow US Standard
When I receive the product, is high end charger that I think. I love it, the auto open/close function works well, sensitive and quick, charging is fast even though I am using a thick double case. Hold phone very securely even with case. Overall, the product really matches the price very well. I was amazed that was great product.
This is a very handy little Gocomma's gadget. It keeps my phone in place and is especially useful when I listen to audiobooks or use GPS apps, and it is stable fixing even encounters sudden braking or rough roads. Works as promised. I was somewhat wary of the style because I'd seen reviews of similar products that come loose. This one maintains its grip. Very happy with it.
Demorou mais um pouco do que o esperado, mas tal facto não foi devido à Gearbest, mas ao transporte entre a Holanda e Portugal, que inexplicavelmente demorou bastante mais do que o habitual.<br>Produto conforma ao anunciado e vindo colmatar a lacuna nos Raspberry de obrigar a ligar a um monitor de TV para fazer nele o que quer que seja.<br>Este pequeno ecrã é suficiente para visualizar com facilidade as instruções que vamos introduzindo.<br>Recomendo a quem possui Raspberry Pis versões B (não As).